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Reliable Managed iT Services

Our onsite and remote Managed iT Services offer a level of iT support services that improves the reliability and performance of our clients’ business technology by continuously monitoring and proactively managing their entire IT infrastructure.


Managed Network IT Security

Defending against cyber threats has never been so challenging. The rise of targeted attacks pose a clear risk, and the rate of change continues to accelerate, with new attacks, vulnerabilities, virus and malware variants emerging every day. Is your organization keeping pace and secure?

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Reliable iT Support Services

Our Canadian team on IT tech support engineers fully support and monitor our client networks 24/7 including desktops, servers, cloud services and backups ensuring your business operates at its maximum capability and securely.


Why partner with 365 iT SOLUTIONS?

365 iT SOLUTIONS is committed to be Toronto’s leading IT consulting firm by delivering industry leading Managed IT Services, IT Support Services, IT Outsourcing, Tech Support Services and Cloud Services. Our team is 100% Canadian and we stand 100% behind our IT services. So much so that we offer no long term contracts.

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Technology News You Should Know.

Remote Workers Are Not Protected from Phishing and Vishing

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Work from home and remote work is now the new norm however organizations must be aware that remote workers are not protected from phishing and vishing threats. Phishing is well known but now mix that in with remote workforce, video conferencing apps, and corporate messaging.  The end result is now…

Technology is making cybersecurity fail

Technology is Making Cybersecurity Fail

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As organizations look to improve their cybersecurity measures from hackers, technology is making cybersecurity fail and creating a large problem. According to recent security research, the cybersecurity industry is offering product and services that may be ineffective in the continued fight against cybersecurity and reducing cyber security crime. In the…

What types of cybersecurity are there

What types of cybersecurity are there?

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Cybersecurity is top of every organizations mind however what types of cyber security are there for companies to evaluate? Now this is a loaded question as not all types of cybersecurity fit all organizations needs or budgets. It is very easy to tell an organization that with an unlimited budget,…

Do Your Employees Understand Their Cybersecurity Responsibilities

Do Your Employees Understand Their Cybersecurity Responsibilities?

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The risks are high and do your employees understand their cybersecurity responsibilities? This should be top of mind. A recent survey of 1,505 Canadians regarding workplace cybersecurity responsibilities found employees are confused as to who is responsible in the workplace for protecting company information, policies, and procedures.   Do Your…