Your business needs a network assessment

Your business needs a network assessment

Many successful companies have one thing in common, they strategically review all levels of their company and IT network assessment should be high on the list.

A comprehensive IT network assessment will help you plan and understand how your current IT infrastructure helps your business as well as address your business future needs and growth. When performing a network assessment, IT consultants will use a team IT support engineers to help your business achieve its objectives through a comprehensive top down analysis of your business from a technology perspective.

At the end of your IT network assessment, you will have a complete understanding of your current IT infrastructure as well as future business needs and goals. From the assessment, you will be able to develop a strategic technology plan and budget to achieve your goals and align them with your budget.

Large companies have access to a CIO or IT department however smaller companies can work with managed IT services providers to obtain a well-designed technology plan that will help your organization achieve its business goals. By using a proven effective systematic approach, your IT consulting firm will help you set realistic technology goals, determine current technology status as well as create a strategic technology plan with prioritization to improve efficiency.

Our IT network assessment will provide the following:

Set Technology Goals – The network assessment will provide a detailed document that connects your organization’s current IT infrastructure and future business needs to achieve your business goals.

Assess Current Technology – The network assessment will develop a complete understanding of the technology needs required through a completion of your entire IT infrastructure inventory.

Assess Business Practices – The network assessment will help assess your organization’s current technology policies and procedures. This will allow your company to address technology training, security and disaster recovery.

Survey Employees – The network assessment will identify which of your staff members may need training as well as technology issues within your organization.

Create a Technology Plan – The network assessment will utilize the information gathered to design a technology plan that will take allow your technology to obtain your business goals including identify immediate critical issues, review hardware fault-tolerance strategy, recommend efficiency improvements and plan cost-reducing strategies. It should also prepare for end-of-life on equipment as well as implement a scheduled managed IT services maintenance plan

The managed IT service plan should provide regular IT maintenance including service packs and critical updates on all equipment. It should also ensure that hardware and data fault-tolerance procedures are being properly maintained and include remote network monitoring and 24x7x365 of all of your entire IT infrastructure.

Develop Your Disaster Recovery Plan – Every business needs a disaster recovery plan. The network assessment will help develop a disaster recovery plan so you can get your business up and running as quickly as possible in the event of disaster.

365 iT SOLUTIONS is Toronto’s leading IT consulting firm delivering and offers a complimentary network assessment to help companies identify their IT technology risks and needs. We offer industry leading services including Managed IT ServicesIT Support ServicesIT Outsourcing ServicesTech Support Services and Cloud Services.

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