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Your Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan will fail

Your Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan will fail

Unfortunately, your backup and disaster recovery plan will fail as requirements will vary from one business to the next but this can be avoided and successful if planned right.

Small and medium businesses cannot afford to lose access for their data as research has shown that even brief server failures lead most smaller businesses to large damage or even for the business to shut their doors. Protecting data is important and new technologies are making backup and recovery strategies more viable to smaller businesses.

You must determine your backup and disaster recovery plan business needs.

Your backup and disaster recovery plan is essential to your survival but without careful planning, it can become time consuming and frustrating without the proper IT consultant guidance. You should consultant with a managed IT services provider or IT consulting firm to avoid damaging your processes or company reputation as you may be violating the law when you fail to put a backup and disaster recovery plan in place.

Most business leaders do not know or fully understand regulations and requirements of their own industries especially when addressing healthcare, finance and insurance. You need to recognize all the implications of data loss to your business.

When developing a Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan, you should consider the following questions:

  1. If data is lost, can you or your IT provider recover it?
  2. If you can recover data, how easy will it be to access it?
  3. How long can your business operate without access to your data or systems?
  4. How reliable is your current data backup procedures and are they tested?
  5. What data are you legally required to back up? (health records, court records, etc.)
  6. What are the legal ramifications of losing that data for company?
  7. What are the potential natural disaster hazards to your data? (floods, earthquakes, etc.)
  8. What operating procedures put your data at risk and how can you reduce them?
  9. Is your data secure and encrypted?
  10. What resources do you have available for a BDR plan?
  11. Does your BDR plan account for deploying data and backup files across multiple devices?
  12. Does your BDR plan account for different locations to maximize coverage?

Will your backup and disaster recovery plan fail? By answering the Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan questions above, you can focus on the core of the backup and recovery of data. You should select a solution that includes redundancy and cloud services support, 24x7x365 availability as well as a flexible pricing model.

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