Yahoo now has password-free logins

No one likes passwords as they many are weak and insecure. To address this insecurity, Yahoo has introduced “on demand” passwords or password-free logins.

Many IT departments and managed IT services providers (MSP) have embraced two-factor authentication as it is a secure option however not all organizations use it plus it takes the time to set it up and manage.

Yahoo’s new “on demand” passwords work like two-step authentication. Users will be sent a unique time-sensitive code through either an app or a text message.  With “on demand” passwords, users will not have a permanent password tied to the account that’s required every time they log in.  When a user tries to sign in, they will see a “send my password” button instead of a password text box.  The new “on demand” passwords would have to be enabled in order to take advantage of this system.

Yahoo has referred to this as a first step to eliminating passwords however it is less secure of employing two-step authentication.  Yahoo “on demand” does have a security weakness.  If your phone falls into the wrong hands, your accounts will be easily compromised.

Yahoo is taking security seriously and they have also announced a new version of its new end-to-end encryption system that is designed to make it easier to encrypt emails.

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