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World Cup 2014! Are your employees working hard or hardly working?

The 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil is about to kick off!  The World Cup is here and that means your employees have another distraction during work.  Watching major worldwide events can drain productivity and network bandwidth, and add security risk to your network.


With workstations, notebooks and smart devices, you must understand user activity on your network to keep productivity high, ensure bandwidth is being used for business-critical applications and secure your network from attack


Is your network ready for the World Cup 2014?

No matter which part of the World Cup you are following whether it is a live match or highlights, every video streamed online consumes bandwidth.  The biggest risk is that many sites streaming tournament coverage contain malware.


These are three main issues businesses must look at during the World Cup:


Internet bandwidth – Ask any IT support professional and they all know that these events will affect their network and internet bandwidth.  Depending on the available bandwidth in your business, keep in mind that two streaming users result in 1 megabit per second download while 17 users equal a huge 10 megabits per second which will quickly overwhelmed your internet and network.


Malware – Major tournaments always produce opportunity for malware.  The first documented online scams about World Cup 2014 started in March 2013.  A recent survey showed malware has infiltrated 74% of organizations via the web, security risks are increased.


Productivity – This is a simple one.  Employees busy watching the game highlights will reduce your productivity.


Here are some effective measures that can be taken to protect the network.

  • Block certain websites
  • Set bandwidth thresholds.
  • Monitor bandwidth usage
  • Web sites visited


Now, we are huge soccer fans in here so even thou we have taken measures to protect our network, we are also soccer fans at heart.  In order to have the best of both worlds, we have setup a community TV for games and highlights.


After all, the World Cup comes only every four years!


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