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Windows XP is DEAD and Google is on the Attack

April 8th 2014 was the end for Microsoft support.  There is no need to panic as your computer will not immediately shut itself down or self-destruct.  Most users will not even notice besides the pop ups that Microsoft has been pushing to Windows XP users to notify them of the end of support date.

Now Google is making an attempt at business users with Chromebooks.   In the past, Microsoft has tried to make the case that Chromebooks with Google’s Chrome OS are not real laptops.  Google is using Microsoft’s tactics by using the end of Windows XP support to make the case for Chromebooks for businesses.

For some businesses, they are scrambling out there and the natural thing to do is to go with Windows 7 or 8, but Google wants folks to consider another option.  Google claims that Chromebooks are ready for enterprise thanks to the advent of offline office apps, virtual machine emulation and more however most IT Support would rather stick to more familiar footing.

Most IT professionals feel that Chromebook’s are not ready for business.

What is a Chromebook?

A Chromebook is a Google invention that pairs hardware manufacturers with software from Google that essentially creates on OS based off of the Chrome browser. The idea is the cloud is your storage and you are always connected to the internet. Google is theoretically claiming businesses can save resources and lower costs.

What is the Chromebook used for?

Google wants it to replace your computer however it is more like a smartphone or tablet. The Chromebook you will allow you to access websites for financing, accounting marketing tools, etc.

How well does a Chromebook work?

The idea is that you can do everything you need on a computer with Chrome as it builds localized storage and caching that essentially buffers your online work so as a network comes and goes temporarily you can continue to work seamlessly but there are many other systems that already do this in a business class industry.

Why Chromebook is flawed for Business?

Every IT professional will agree that nothing out there is 100%.   It is a great upcoming tool but still needs a bit more maturing for business class use.  As for costs, most Chromebooks start around $200-$250 whereas a notebook with Windows Professional operating system starts around approximately $400.  The notebook is a bit pricier however their capabilities far exceed the Chromebooks for business use.

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