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Will Your Data Backups Protect Your Business?

Will Your Data Backups Protect Your Business

Corruption, stolen, corrupt, deleted are many things that can happen to your data, but will your data backups protect your business?

This is where you need a “Disaster Recovery” plan as it will address downtime due to improper data backups, detailed documentation, and a lack of understanding of the recovery process at a critical business time.

Everyone thinks that disaster recovery is when you have to recover from floods, hurricanes, and/or fires however the most common problems associated with data loss revolve around human error and/or hardware failure.

Do perform data backups of your corporate data?

Most do backups and either do it themselves, assigned an employee, or have your managed IT services provider handle it for you.

Where is your data backup maintained?

Is your data onsite? Is your data offsite in the cloud? Hard drives? Tapes? Or are you unsure?  The bottom line is that you easily get access to your data when you need it in an emergency.  Industry best practices state that you should have a local and offsite backup of your data for disaster recovery reasons.

What is included in the data backup?

Backups do not mean you are protected from a data loss.  Are your backups of the server? Data? Images? The end game is if you experience total server loss, how effective is the data backup you have in place?

How quickly can you recover with your data backups?

If you lose a file, how quickly can you recover it?  What if you lost your server? Can you recover in minutes, hours or days?  Business management needs to have a full understanding of the recovery times.

If your data backups are maintained by a 3rd party such as a managed IT services provider, what recovery assurances do you have if you lose your server, and more importantly how long will it take to recover.

The number one benchmark for data recovery is TEST and document everything!

If you don’t have the time, resources or proper (outsourced) provider, you might be at risk.

Our complimentary network and security assessment can put your IT infrastructure and business to the test.

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