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Why you need Managed Service Provider (MSP) for Your Business

Information technology has grown to permeate the business world, affecting how companies make and market their products, as well as how people communicate and accomplish their jobs in modern organizations.   Production technology has allowed modern companies to make great strides in operational efficiency and the effectiveness of human resources.  Advances in technology have also revolutionized the way businesspeople communicate with clients, employees, suppliers and strategic partners

Technology has its benefits however there is one common problem no matter what industry your business is in, managing technology is tough and time consuming.  That is the down side however there is an option, partner with a Managed Service Provider (MSP) or also known as IT Support Services.  We will manage your business technology the same as having an internal IT department.


What is a Managed Service Provider (MSP)?

A Managed Service Provider (MSP) or IT Support Services provider is a partner company that handles your entire IT infrastructure for a flat monthly fee. We increase productivity while stream lining business costs.

365 iT SOLUTIONS is a leader in the Toronto area and we offer the following:

  •   No long term contracts
  •   Predictable Monthly Budgeting
  •   Flexible Pricing
  •   100% Canadian


Why do I need Managed IT Services or IT Support Services?


  • Your business has continuous IT issues

All technology requires maintenance in order to reduce possible downtime.  If your business is heavily invested into technology, continuous IT issues are having a negative impact on profits and productivity.

A true Managed IT Services (MSP) provider will look after your technology.  Our Canadian team of experts are running your technology and systems efficiently.  Our IT support team will meet your IT demands proactively therefore allowing for decreased maintenance and replacement which will improve your overall productivity and profits.


  • You don’t have internal IT department or staff

Many companies have an employee(s) that often wear more than one hat in the business.  This is a great employee and they are dedicated to your business success however there is a downfall, even thou they heart is in the right place, these individuals are not necessarily IT experts.

Tech savvy employees have knowledgeable however it is not their main job.  They are most likely not planning for the future and may not be able to carry out complicated upgrades. This can lead to increased problems in the future resulting in downtime and lost productivity.

A true IT Support Services provider or Managed IT Services (MSP) provider can offer the same services as an internal IT employee at a fraction of the cost.  This will allow your employees to focus on their main roles, while also allowing you to rest easy knowing that your IT is being handled 24/7 in a proactive manner.


  • Unpredictable IT Budgeting and Costs

This is not new but everyone knows technology changes daily.  Budgeting for technology does not have to be difficult when using a proactive approach.  Your IT Support Services partner can handle all current issues while planning proactively on your IT infrastructure including workstations, notebooks and server upgrades.

As a true Managed IT Services (MSP) provider, we provide predictable monthly costs. This makes it easy for companies to budget for technology monthly as well as 12 months ahead.  The upside to this is that while your budget is predictable, overall costs and overheads are often reduced because your systems are kept in better working order and will last longer.


  • Prioritizing your business  IT needs

What is priority within you network?  There are so many parts to the network however which ones come first? From workstations to notebooks to servers, then there are email systems to ERP systems to CRM systems.   In today’s competitive economy, your business will require ongoing technology maintenance and upgrades. The main issue here is that many businesses are not equipped with the skills and the knowledge to recognize what is a priority.

There is a reason why you have to be very selective when choosing a Managed IT Services partner or IT Support Services provider.  They are your business partner and their business model must be built on your business uptime, not downtime.  Your partner must learn your business and prioritize your business needs. They will have the answers you need as well as a plan.

Plans and answers are not always obvious however it our business to know your business, you’re your projected growth and plan accordingly.  We connect your business and technology!


365 iT SOLUTIONS is a leading IT consulting firm in Toronto. We provide industry leading Managed IT ServicesIT Support ServicesIT Outsourcing ServicesTech Support Services and Cloud Services.

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