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Why Should You Encrypt Emails?

In today’s fast paced business environment, many users have done the following situation.  While in a rush, you accidentally send a email to the wrong recipient only to realize that you accidentally pulled the wrong address from your contact list.  Many users do not understand the complications behind this however this is a very serious matter especially when you send confidential data.


Recently, a Goldman Sachs contractor was apparently testing changes to the bank’s internal processes when the email was sent. The company has not identified what data was in the message, but Goldman Sachs quickly contacted Google and asked that the message be deleted.


Instead of deleting the message from the Gmail account, Google instead blocked access to the message. They also confirmed that the message had yet to actually been read, but they refuse to actually delete the email without a court order, a process that Goldman Sachs is currently undergoing.


This is a prime example of the importance of email encryption.  Businesses need to protect confidential data before sending it out in email.  Even if the message was sent to the proper recipient, email is a non-encrypted protocol, meaning anyone on the Internet can theoretically read anything that’s sent out.  The surprising issue here is that a big bank is sending out emails with confidential data and taking advantage of encryption.


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