Why Should I Replace Server That is Out-of-Warranty?

Businesses are growing and becoming more competitive. Many companies have heavy demand on their network server(s) and this is one of the biggest reasons why so many types of server are available.


So why maintain a server with active warranty instead of Out-of-Warranty?

From the day of purchase, servers are always on.  Think about, a production server that is 6 years old has been continuously running for 2190 days or 52,560 hours.

365 iT SOLUTIONS standard policy is to sell servers with minimum 5 years onsite warranty.

Use of a server after its manufacturer’s warranty has expired is the greatest danger to business continuity.

A server is the heart of the network and if it is not operational your entire network and business will be down.


Why you need to replace an out-of-warranty server?

Once the manufacturer’s warranty expires, there are no more obligations on the manufacturer’s side.  Used parts become the only source if they cannot be sourced from the manufacturer and now you are relying on used parts from unknown environments and you are at the mercy of the location of the part.  If your servers use specific parts custom to that model and the part cannot be found, the server cannot simply be repaired.

Security is another major concern when operating a server that is no longer covered under warranty.  New server operating systems are released with numerous security improvements.  In some cases, there are two newer versions of the server operating system than your outdated server is operating.

There is also the issue of compatibility.  Most software packages only support the latest operating system and the previous one. This means that the software you depend on might not even be able to be upgraded or supported any longer. Issues can arise with trying to add newer computers and printers to your server.  This means that future software needs as well as current needs could be affected.

The life-cycle of a server should be no greater than the manufacturer’s warranty.


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