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Why remote users make sense to employers

Does your company allow for remote users? You should as this is part of many companies winning formula to productivity and profitability.

Remote users and working is on the rise due to many reasons like weather related issues like snow storms, rain and other natural items.  The is also other issues that affect your business productivity and profitability, such as public transit delays and outages or special events in your city like the upcoming Pan Am games in Toronto.

Toronto Ice Storm
Toronto Ice Storm

So why are companies turning to remote users to increase productivity,  continuity and profitability?

Remote workers are less stressed

When you take out traffic and commuting out of a workers life, it tends to reduce the stress a worker faces daily. It allows remote users to feel empowered to work in a way that suits them and suits the business. Think about how you felt the last time it took you double the time to make it into the office?  You were late and frustrated therefore making your day not so productive.

Remote workers can be well connected

I will use us as an example, all 365 iT SOLUTIONS employees are capable of working 100% remotely.  All our systems, including phone system is accessible remotely. With smartphones and social media, companies are capable of eliminating communication issues due to distance. Modern companies use the latest technology such as remote administration, cloud-based project management, video conferencing, and BYOD to extend the effectiveness of remote work.

Remote workers make you competitive

Less onsite workers results in less real estate required. Companies tapping into remote users allows them to reduce their rent and property costs.  This is a huge win as you will have less overhead costs than some of your competitors.

Remote workers are more engaged

When workers make more money by eliminating commuting and work in their own environment with less stress, your company has produced and amazing worker. Companies with successful remote workers, experience less turn over and more engaged workers resulting in better productivity and profitability.

It is important to remember that remote workers play an important role in business contingency and business continuity but that will be addressed in a future blog.

How will your business hold up during the next storm?  Will the next transit outage cost you money?  There are simple solutions that technology can address.  Talk to the industry leaders on how to increase productivity and profitability.


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