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Managed IT Services and Virtualization

Managed IT Services Providers (MSP) are always looking for ways to have their client take advantage of the latest technology.  With virtualization businesses can now optimize their infrastructure which opens many more opportunities plus it allows the ability to centralize the control of their business IT infrastructure environment.   In the past, large businesses took advantage of virtualization however due to great technology innovations and commitment from large companies such as Microsoft and VMware, now small companies can take advantage of this cutting edge technology.

As most new technologies, there are companies that implement it immediately and some companies hold back implementing new technologies until the bugs get worked out.

To simplify virtualization, here are some points on why you need to virtualize your business IT infrastructure.

Corporate Servers – When you virtualize a server your have the ability to manage resources including RAM, hard drive space and processor.  This allows businesses to reduce their expenses and it gives them the ability to manage fewer physical servers because virtualization allows your IT team to virtualize physical servers into fewer servers.


Disaster Recovery – Businesses should be always be prepared for the unknown or emergency situation before disaster strikes. Virtualization allows you to plan your disaster recovery plan so you can get your business back on track quickly as virtualized servers are easier to fully back up than physical servers.


Business Continuity – Business continuity and disaster recovery go hand in hand. Business continuity are all about zero business operation interruptions.  Good news is that virtualization allows live migration that helps preserve the continuity of business operations by eliminating the need for downtime.  This system works by rapidly transferring systems from one virtual environment to another when the original is affected. This enables a business to continue operations, despite some system failures.


Time Management – Compared to setting up physical hardware, which can take months to establish, test, and maintain, setting up a virtualized system for your business can usually be achieved in a matter of minutes.




Business Case Example: Add another business application or database without increasing the number of costly physical hardware servers.

Forecasting and projections are tools many businesses use to anticipate business needs in the future.  No matter how your plan, it is tough to anticipate when your company may need to accommodate an influx of new employees or new customer accounts that could put a strain on your IT infrastructure resources.

ABC Company is a 15 person company that is running two servers.  They are currently evaluating a new, dedicated system to run their (CRM) customer relationship management application.  The company consulted with their IT Support team and after a quick investigation, the IT team determined that by investing in slightly more robust multiprocessor hardware, the customer could replace one of its existing servers with a virtualized machine that ran both the new application along with the old ones.  The investment in their IT infrastructure also created the groundwork to address the five points above.

The server hardware now allows the business to focus on IT support maintenance costs for one physical servers compared to two.



Virtualization is great benefit to companies for many reasons and the benefits gained by virtualizing are a real game changer for your business.

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