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Why Managed IT Services and IT Support Services Makes Sense

Managed IT Services and IT Support Services is key to improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the operations of your company.


  • Focus on Your Business, Not Your IT

Many companies have an internal IT employee to manage your IT needs.  Reality is that they are often too busy with tasks to focus on tactical issues and cannot be as proactive.  Managed IT Services will handle daily tasks and allow your internal IT to focus on strategic projects to help your business move forward.

Small business owner rely on private IT support to help with their computer related issues.  The problem here is that unethical IT consultants may also make issues seem larger and more difficult to fix than they are.  By using a Managed IT Services provider, you get charged a flat monthly fee as their business is built on uptime, not downtime.


  • Industry Leading Expertise and Experience

Companies cannot afford to fall behind with technology trends in today’s business world.  Technology is changes daily.  Your internal team or on man support IT professional may not be fully aware of all of the possibilities available to your business.  A Managed IT Services provider not only has more tools and skill sets at their disposal to be able to solve problems quicker or before they happen, but they have more IT-specific knowledge that can be helpful in critical areas such as Security and Backup and Disaster Recovery.

  • 24/7 Support and Monitoring

Different problems can occur when businesses rely on one or two individuals to take care of their business IT needs. This can include sick days, vacations and leaves of absence.  Managed IT Services providers are available to your business 24/7 so now you have the peace of mind that your business will remain running and be able to service your clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.


  • Decrease Downtime

Did you know that 43% of companies go out of business following a catastrophic data loss with no backup in place? Downtime can be a death sentence for many businesses. Companies rely on technology in virtually all parts of their business operations, making IT Risk Management an important part of any business that hopes to survive and thrive. The benefit of a managed service provider is that they offer a proactive approach to IT support that can prevent problems before they happen, making sure that your business does not become one of these statistics.


  • Save Money

Technology is an important part of your business environment.  Unfortunately, many businesses are cutting corners and are also relying on traditional break/fix IT consultants.  When companies take into consideration the full extent of their IT needs and expenses, you may find that your business is spending a lot more money than you originally anticipated.  Managed IT Services offer flat-rate services also provide monthly reporting.  You can also discuss your current environment and helps you plan your future IT requirements and budgeting. Their proactive approach to IT is also beneficial since they will be able to prevent emergencies before they happen and make sure that your operations keep running smoothly.


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