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As one of Toronto’s leading Managed IT Services and IT Support Services provider, we have noticed many companies asking “Why is my internet slow?”


Well many thing can affect a company’s internet connection and speed however we narrowed down to some simple ways to combat a slow Internet connection at your business.


So why is your business internet slow?


  • Interference

Wireless is a great tool by allowing mobility without the limitation of wires however there are many items that may cause                     interference to the wireless signal. Some very good examples of items that may cause signal weakness include wireless radio               near power sources, microwave, cordless phone, security alarm, and other wireless devices which use the 2.4GHz band.

When you experience weak or drop offs on wireless, the best solution is to reposition the wireless router or the electronics                   causing the issue therefore reducing interference.  Another options is to place your router higher up therefore increasing                     the broadcast range.


  • Bandwidth Usage

Many times, companies share their wireless security key with employees.  Many times without any knowledge from                                 employees or the company, employees are using applications that are hogging the bandwidth.  It is extremely important                       that companies are aware of these applications.  Many applications take up resources especially video conferencing and                       streaming abilities.  Torrent and gaming apps can also be responsible. It is best to make sure that these apps are not installed               on your company computers.

Two of the biggest bandwidth hogs are YouTube and now Facebook thanks to the automatic videos playing.  Many                                    companies are now blocking services like YouTube, Facebook, and other services not for business use.  Some companies                      are putting community systems in lunch rooms that are available for free browsing or limiting the use of such services.


  • Upgrade

This is nothing new, but as everyone knows, technology changes constantly.  We do not recommend that you change                              hardware every time something new comes out however certain technologies should be retired after a certain amount of                      time.  If your wireless networking equipment is old then it probably needs an upgrade.

There are many options when upgrading a wireless network such as new routers, access points, amplifiers, repeaters and                      many more options when upgrading the network.


Companies these days rely on technology.  Some internet will not only slow down your business, it will also reduce employee productivity.  We can help your business find ways to improve the Internet connection for maximized productivity and uptime.


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