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Why is antivirus dangerous?

Most companies have antivirus on their workstations and servers however antivirus can be dangerous to your business in many ways.

In order to keep your business data and systems secure, everyone understands that it is essential to have antivirus on every system but there is an increasing trend where some companies are letting their subscriptions expire or just using antivirus out of the box with no configuration changes or notifications.

What happens when an antivirus subscription expires?

Most antivirus program will still function the same way as you will be able to scan however you will not be able to deal with new malware, viruses or security threats as your antivirus will not be able to update.  Some will also disable automated scanning and other proactive features. When your antivirus subscription expires, your systems will no longer be secure, or as protected.

What do I do if my subscription is about to expire?

Simple, before your subscription expires, most antivirus programs allow you to renew your subscription and program without interruptions. Prior to upgrading your antivirus, you should back up all of your data.

Why is default settings on antivirus dangerous?

While out of the box most antivirus offer some form of protection, you should always modify several settings to maximize your protection.  You should setup scan schedules, update schedules, what to do if your system is infected and notifications.  Many companies have up-to-date antivirus with valid subscriptions however by leaving it at factory default settings, companies are increasing their exposure.

What is managed corporate antivirus?

Many managed IT services providers (MSP) offer managed corporate antivirus solutions that will work for your business. These services can proactively protect your network and data. They will keep it secure and always up to date, all without you having to get involved.

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