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Why Email Encryption is Vital to your Business?

Why Email Encryption is Vital to your Business

Email Encryption is vital to your business however many businesses do not understand how lack of security can result in fines and reputation damage.

Your IT department or outsourced IT provider have already made it clear the importance of strong passwords, properly configured anti-virus software, firewalls, and various other various security measures however what about email encryption? As a business leader, you have to remember that email is the primary method of communication amongst businesses and if your company is not encrypting email, your business is leaving sensitive information out in the open.

No matter if you are a large or small company, every business will suffer if they a data breach. This can include sensitive information as well as financial records, client information that is very valuable in the hands of hackers. Healthcare and financial services companies have to use email encryption as industry regulations require all information to be protected.

How does email encryption work?

Simple, the email contents are scrambled and once it is received by the intended recipient, they will use a private key to open the message and make it readable again.

What are the benefits of encrypting your email?

You will be able to protect financial information against theft including important financial information and other information useful to cybercriminals. Email encryption protects your company and clients by making the email unreadable to any hackers who are trying to steal that information. You will also be able to maintain compliance with industry-specific regulations as many industries require sensitive information to stay protected.

Is your company using email encryption to safeguard your information while remaining compliant?

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