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When is it time to upgrade your IT Infrastructure?

With the onset of Managed IT Services, IT Support Services and Cloud Services, many companies are spending less on investing into their IT infrastructure.  There are some simple things to look for on to establish when it is a good time to upgrade your IT infrastructure.


  • Since technology is constantly evolving while your physical company file server is not.  If the server is at the end of its life cycle, expired warranty or not capable to operate the company software, you should also investigate the potential for outsourcing instead.


Cloud Services will do the following for your organization:

o   Convert capital expenditure to operational expenditure

o   Reduce hardware management and IT installation costs

o   Offer the best solutions and services as soon as they become available

o   Allow you to focus on your business, not your IT infrastructure


  • Maintenance will always continue to rise as legacy systems always cost more to run.  Hardware management and maintenance costs will continue to spiral upwards the longer they are let in place.  By using the latest technology will not only stabilize the budget but also offer the organization greater options.


  • The company’s commitment to responsible business practices.  Onsite IT installations draw large amounts of energy therefore adding to your company’s carbon footprint. Not only do file servers draw a lot more power than desktop PCs, they may require air conditioning to prevent overheating.  Cloud Services offers far more energy-efficient and eco-friendly services.  Using outsourced IT hardware management services and managed IT services, your business will reduce energy use and carbon production.


  • Finance departments prefer Cloud services and managed IT services for multiple reasons including it make fiscal planning easier, no IT training cost and you have access to a team of skilled talent.


  • Too often, organizations will work around the issues and continue to use technology until the vendor makes the decision for them.  When the vendor declares “end of support,” the organization may be forced into a contract for extended out-of-support maintenance or undergo the painful process of a forced replacement.


  • Files and other software are slow to load. If you are noticing that your software and other documents are taking a long time to load, there is a good chance that your server is starting to show signs of age. Also lack of space. After a few years, your server will basically become full of information – sometimes too full.  Although, new servers are coming out all the time with more capacity and more space – so, if your business is noticing a need for more and more space, you may need to upgrade to a bigger server or move to the Cloud.


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