What Website Were Compromised by Heartbleed Threat? But Not These Ones!

It is unclear if it was affected however the site has implemented a patch so you can go and change your password.

It is unclear if it was affected however the company has yet to comment.

It was affected but Google said users do not need to change passwords however best practice is to change it, period.

Tumblr and Flickr
It was affected however Tumblr has fixed the problem. You should change the password immediately.

It was affected and Yahoo has deployed patches on all major services. You must change your passwords only once Yahoo announces all have been secured.

Hotmail, Outlook and LinkedIn
It was not affected however if you use the same password as the affected services, it is better to change them as a precautionary measure.

So what can I do to protect myself?
Easy, change your passwords! Also do not use the same password on every website. It is very inconvenient however it goes a long way to helping protect your online presence.


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