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What to do about CryptoLocker Malware. Decrypt your files for free.

CryptoLocker, it has been in the news since 2013.  It has been a constant battle for IT departments, IT consultants and professionals around the world.  Great news, there is a free fix!

If you have been fortunate enough to avoid it, Ransomware would lock a computer and then demand a fee in order to unlock the machine, however CryptoLocker was different.  CryptoLocker would encrypt the files on the victim’s storage using AES-256 bit encryption.  Once encrypted, they would demand $300 in bitcoin in order to retrieve the decryption key.  If not paid within a specified time, then the files would remain encrypted forever.

Security experts have collaborated to reverse engineer the CryptoLocker software in a project they called “Operation Tovar.” This led to the identification of many of the private keys used by CryptoLocker and they have developed a free decryption assistance website and tool to help victims of the Ransomware retrieve their data at no cost.

On the website listed below, you are required to upload any file that has been affected by the Ransomware and the tool will email the user the relevant private key that can be used for decryption. At that point the user must download a specific tool, enter the private key and the location of the encrypted file, and the tool will decrypt the encrypted file.

Although the software unlocks the original CryptoLocker malware you must remember that there are copycats out there of CryptoLocker that they would not be able to unlock.

The decryption assistance website can be accessed at

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