What is shadow IT and how does it affect your business?

What is shadow IT and how does it affect your business

Does your business have shadow IT or stealth IT happening? Do you know how it can affect your business and what are your business risks?

Shadow IT or Stealth IT is a term often used to describe IT systems and IT solutions that have been built and used within an organization without management approval. It is also used to describe IT solutions deployed by departments other than the IT department or managed IT services provider.

While many employees recognize the importance of collaboration, not all of them use technology to collaborate or they are not satisfied with the tools they are given in their workplace to manage their job duties and responsibilities.

Unfortunately, many IT consulting professionals are finding employees turning to unapproved consumer-grade tools with little concern about the company security risks involved.

Many young professionals are facing challenges with company-issued collaboration tools and the majority prefer to use chat and text tools for collaboration like Skype compared to baby boomers that tend to find these tools least effective.

According to Gartner, over 50% of Global 1000 companies will have customer data in the cloud including critical information.  Companies need to understand their IT needs and threats in order to protect their data and users when these security challenges present themselves.

Cloud services is great but it must be properly managed and you must be aware of your IT needs.  You must ensure your employees understand company IT policies and that your business establishes strict service level agreements and other safeguards to protect your business.

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