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What is proactive cybersecurity to your business

What is proactive cybersecurity to your business

To keep cyberthreats at bay, a business needs to understand what is proactive cybersecurity to your business, as well as what are the proactive cybersecurity solutions available.

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Cyber security professionals detect and contain cyber threats before they wreak havoc on your systems and lead to significant productivity and financial losses.  In this article, you will learn how to implement proactive cybersecurity and what you need to know to protect your business.

What is proactive cybersecurity to your business?

As a practical matter, traditional cybersecurity is reactive.  Your corporate IT department or managed IT services provider (MSP) will be alerted of a potential cyberattack only after it has already occurred, leaving them little time to mitigate the damage.  As opposed to reactive cybersecurity, proactive cybersecurity is preventative.  It takes in account all possible cyber threats and identifies vulnerabilities in order to address them before they cause downtime to your business.

The adoption of proactive cybersecurity measures along with reactive ones has been highly successful, with organizations now able to remain one step ahead of cyberthreats and improve data compliance.

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The following steps should be taken as part of your proactive cyber security within your organization:

  • Identify cyberthreats and prevent them
  • Your in-house IT staff or managed service provider can provide you with insight into the types of cyberattacks
  • Identify which parts of your organization’s network you are protecting.
  • Consider how much damage each cyber threat can cause to them
  • Determine what services the devices will access in the future and how to protect them
  • Make cybersecurity proactive by putting in place proactive measures
  • All internal stakeholders should attend cyber security awareness seminars
  • Every employee should be trained how to manage their passwords, mobile devices, and spam
  • Use proactive business-class anti-malware software to stop malware from infecting your system
  • Use a proactive updating and patching software on a regular basis
  • Ensure your network is not vulnerable to backdoors
  • Providing web filtering services and security services
  • Your network should be blacklisted from dangerous and inappropriate sites
  • Next generation hardware firewalls with intrusion prevention systems should be used
  • Limit access to only the data needed to complete their tasks by using least privilege approach
  • Use full-disk encryption to make data stored in computers and portable devices unreadable
  • Use virtual private networks to make data transmitted across unsecured connections unreadable
  • Implement strict access controls to prevent access to accounts by using strong passwords, multifactor authentication, auto screen locks, and logouts for idle users
  • Use business-class AI-powered network monitoring to identify suspicious user and software behaviors

What is proactive cybersecurity to your business?

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