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What is Microsoft 365 Video?

Does your company use Microsoft 365? Well now Microsoft is introducing Microsoft 365 Video as a new service that allows companies to upload and share video content with their entire organization no matter what the device.

Microsoft 365 Video is an intranet website portal where you employees can post and view corporate videos.

Microsoft 365 Video will be like YouTube for companies, it is a streaming video service for your organization that’s available with SharePoint Online in Microsoft 365. It is an excellent tool to share videos of communications or recordings of classes, meetings, presentations and/or training sessions.

The new Microsoft 365 service will allows companies to create channels for various categories of videos and upload content with metadata so they are easy to browse in within the organizations video portals and also in Delve.

Once your company uploads a video, Microsoft 365 Video automatically loads multiple versions with different resolutions so they can be streamed smoothly regardless of the connection speed.

Microsoft has also introduced Microsoft 365 Video for iPhone app to allow employees to view and record video on the go. Microsoft will soon launch Microsoft 365 Video for Android.

Microsoft 365 Video is a great tool and whether your company needs to internally share an orientation video, a training program, a marketing tutorial or a notification, Microsoft 365 Video will make it easy to share.

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