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What is Hybrid Cloud and Colocation?

Cloud is the future of IT however many businesses face the issue that certain elements cannot be put in the cloud.  Organizations have to select the right technology when considering Hybrid Cloud and Colocation.

Cloud computing services are engineered to increase capacity and capability without the need for investments in additional infrastructure. Every solution is custom based on each individual company needs assessment.  It may not be necessary to virtualize all aspects of your network and servers.  It is possible to collocate any number of physical servers, appliances, firewalls and have them share any of the same VLANs as your cloud servers.

Here are some advantages of the Hybrid Cloud solutions:

  • Centralized management: Both existing hardware and cloud solutions remain centralized under one roof.
  • Scale as you grow: As the IT infrastructure changes, you can migrate to the cloud environment over time.
  • Security: All systems, cloud servers and hardware are housed within the walls of an enterprise class data center.

Hybrid Cloud allows the integration of cloud virtual servers with collocated, customer-owned physical hardware in the data center.  When moving your infrastructure to the cloud, it is not always possible to virtualize all the physical devices.  Some companies prefer to have a physical firewall, appliance, custom server, or other physical device integrated with the cloud environment.

Always ensure you know where it will be physically located and if they are an ISO 27001:2005 certified secure data center.   By choosing the right IT consulting partner, the process of integration can be simplified and your organization can immediately start seeing the cost savings offered by the cloud.


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