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What is CyberSecure Canada

What Is CyberSecure Canada

Many organizations are receiving calls about this service so you may be asking what is CyberSecure Canada?

The Canadian government launched CyberSecure Canada.  It is a national cybersecurity certification program for small and medium-sized organizations.

Their mandate is to enhance organizations competitive advantage by letting their partners, client, and supply chain know they are a certified trusted business partner.

What is CyberSecure Canada Certification?

The Cybersecure Canada certification program helps organizations implement certification requirements so they can protect themselves against cyberattacks.  This will ensure they protect their business, their clients, and partners.

This program is a proactive step toward securing Canadian organizations from cyber threats.  The program is designed for organizations with less than 500 employees.

Why get CyberSecure Canada certified?

  • It will improve your competitive edge within your industry.
  • It will reassure your clients, partners, investors, and suppliers.
  • It will show that valuable data is secure to a standard.
  • It will limit impacts to your organization from cyberattacks.
  • It will reduce financial loss, reputation damage and protect critical infrastructure.
  • It will ensure your organization is eligible to compete in opportunities that require cybersecurity certification.
  • It will show that your security is adequate.
  • It will show that you are not risky organization.
  • It will Lower your cyber insurance premiums with certain carriers.

Is it hard to get CyberSecure Canada certified?

It is not an easy fast process however it is not as in-depth as a SOC2 Type II audit.  It will take work from management, human resources, IT department, managed IT services provider, and many more departments or professionals. You will need to pass thirteen controls published by the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security.  You can then apply for certification at  You will then work with an accredited certification body that audits your organization.   This must be repeated every two years to maintain certification.

What are the 13 Security Controls for CyberSecure Canada?

  1. What is the plan to recover from a cyber attack (Incident response plan)
  2. How do you handle patch management (Automatic patching)
  3. How do you securely configure your devices (Device configuration)
  4. What do you use to install and monitor systems (Security software)
  5. Do you use multi-factor authentication controls (Authentication)
  6. How do you handle ongoing team education on cybersecurity (Training)
  7. How do you backup and perform data encryption (Data Protection)
  8. What controls do you use to secure mobile devices (Mobility)
  9. Do you use a firewall in your network (Perimeter)
  10. What is the security posture of your IT partners (Outsourced IT services)
  11. What security do you use on your website (Websites)
  12. What limitations do you place on access to data and services (Access controls)
  13. What security, encryption, and disposal do you use for storage media (Portable storage)

How much does CyberSecure Canada certification cost?

The cost to get CyberSecure Canada certified will depend on your unique organization needs.  You will need to pay for registration as well as the audit. There are many certification bodies listed at so find the one that works best for your organization.

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