What does Top Talent Want From Companies?

The success of your company depends entirely upon your ability to attract and hire great people, actually Top Talent!  We are living in a technology-infused world hence the rising demand for top talent.  Top talent look for many aspects of a company however there are two items that 365 iT SOLUTIONS can help your organization with, Flexible Hours and Remote Mobile Technology.

Today’s workers are increasingly global, mobile and flexible and they expect their employers to keep pace.  Many Canadian employees want to work with the latest technologies inside and outside the office.  Many do not have access to tools, solutions or workplace policies to make this a reality.

Most of Canada’s top talent is looking to work in environments outside the office.  Many are willing to take a pay cut or give up vacation in exchange for the opportunity to work from anywhere.

365 iT SOLUTIONS can help employers attract and retain the best talent.  Companies looking to stay at the cutting edge of technology and looking to attract the top talent should consider embracing these technology trends for the workplace of the future.

What does Top Talent Want From Companies?

1. Flexible Work Arrangements

Many Canadians believe that due to technology, the future will have offer employees flexible work hours and the ability to work from anywhere and this will be top priority when choosing an employer.  Many studies have found that majority of workers that already have flexible work hours report higher levels of productivity and improved work-life balance.  They show that many also have increased job satisfaction and reduced levels of stress.

2. Devices and Social Collaboration Tools

Canadians spend the majority of their work day using traditional workplace devices such as desktop computers and landlines. Canadians would prefer to use laptops, tablets, and smartphones as their primary work devices.

Canadians want access to the latest tech but don’t want to lose face-to-face interactions.  Businesses of all sizes can look to change the way they work by adopting technology for collaboration and communication within a virtual environment like Microsoft 365, Google Apps, VOIP systems, VDI, Remote Desktop or Microsoft Lync.

3. Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) Policies

Many companies now allow their employees to bring their own devices to the workplace.  Majority of them use smartphones for personal and professional purposes.  Many of them are comfortable with their employer enforcing security policies.  The big news here is that many companies do not have a BYOD policy.

Business is competitive, good employees are rare, technology is changing.  It’s clear that where, when and how employees work is changing.  Companies that embrace technology and create a connected workplace with flexible workplace policies and collaboration technologies will attract top Canadian talent.

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