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What Can You Learn From Your Competitors and IT Support?

What Can You Learn From Your Competitors and IT Support

Like every business leader, you wonder can you learn from your competitors but have you ever thought about how their IT support is keeping them ahead?

In today’s competitive economy, technology and IT support play a pivotal role in your business effectiveness, productivity and profitability. When choosing the right IT support company or managed services provider (MSP), it is a tough decision as this should be measure as a complete picture and long term partnership.

Everyone has fallen into a trap like this before. You know, the deal that is too good to be true. You were promised “X” for the price of “Y” but in the end they give you “Z” and it is going to cost you extra.

The sad fact is that many companies state to be managed IT services providers however they reactive tech support companies. There is a big difference here since we are comparing apples to oranges. Also remember that managed IT services providers use enterprise class tools to proactively manage your network which come with costs associated with it.

We have put together some questions when interviewing your future IT provider before entering a long term partnership.

  1. What is the IT provider’s sole focus? Managed IT Services, Tech Support, etc.

There are IT consulting companies out there who offer exclusively managed services and others that offer it as a sideline of their business. Ideally you want to partner with true managed IT services provider that will be there 24 x 7 supporting your company and experts in their fields.

  1. Who will have access to your company data?

Privacy and data security is the biggest concern of all businesses. Managed IT Services providers will have the ability to see your data however you will need to ensure that their service agreement has controls in place that will prevent them from reproducing or sending your data in any form.

  1. What Kind Of IT Support Does the IT Provider offer?

This is wide area to cover and you have to keep in mind that the only limitation to technology is your budget. You will need to know what kind of IT support your company requires and does the IT provider offer business hours or 24/7 tech support? Are their employees located in Canada or offshore? Are they flexible and scalable if your business grows in the future? There are no bad questions so dig deep.

  1. How Can You Make My Business More Competitive?

Time to listen. If they are as experienced as stated, they should have a plan on how to make your business more productive, more secure and increase your ROI. They should offer a free network assessment as well as a NDA agreement. This is the area where you can learn from your competitors and excel making technology work for your therefore allowing your business to increase business, manage growth and gain market share.

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