What are the Top Five Functions Businesses Outsource to Managed IT Services?

As business evolve and stay competitive, small and midsize businesses are turning to Managed IT Services and IT Support Services providers such as 365 iT SOLUTIONS to handle their IT needs.  There is a good majority of Toronto companies using Managed IT Services to help manage their business and outsource the function.

Here is a list of some of the biggest challenges Toronto businesses face and why these industry leaders use Managed IT Services to solve their challenge.

So what are the Top Five Functions Businesses Outsource to Managed IT Services?

  • Connectivity And Bandwidth – Network these days face multiple challenges such as mobility devices, BYOD, Cloud Services, Virtual Workstations and remote offices in this global economy.  Thanks to technology, SMBs are taking enterprise-grade technologies into the smallest of businesses.  Networks are now becoming complex and businesses look to Managed IT Services companies to research all possible options and recommend solutions tailored to their specific to client needs.


  • Network Security No matter what measures are taken to secure a network, they are always vulnerable to security external cyber-attacks.  Unfortunately, SMBs do not have the resources to keep up.  Large enterprise networks have large budgets and every security measure possible however SMBs are limited when it comes to technical resources. By using Managed IT Services, you know have an entire team of IT professionals managing your corporate security for a fraction of the cost.


  • 24/7 Network Monitoring You need to run your business and for businesses with no to limited in-house IT staff this add additional duties to your daily schedule.  Managed IT Services companies are always making sure network performance, availability and security are all up to par and running smoothly and securely.  Even for companies with internal IT staff means internal staff can do more in a budget and deadline-oriented environment.  It is very hard for Network Administrators to keep up with everything and when everything is a top priority, stuff tends to fall through the cracks. There’s no way a regular business can field a second and third shift therefore by partnering with a Managed IT Services partner, you will have 24/7 monitoring of your network.


  • Virtualization – With the rise of Cloud technology, virtualization is becoming popular and of course there is a need for technical skills to implement and manage it.  Some in-house IT departments might not have access to technical experience and this is why they turn to Managed IT Services partners to access strong technical expertise and proven experience in managing such projects.  Many projects include virtualizing desktops, servers or entire networks.  Virtualization is a great technology however projects are complex and require a great deal of expertise during deployment and ongoing management.


  • Disaster Recovery – Here is one of the most important items a business must focus on when protecting their business.  Disaster recovery and backup is often neglected however this is the most important item in your business.  Backup testing and off-site backup storage are not done as often as they should be therefore Managed IT Services partners provide regular local and offsite backups.  They also regularly schedule tests and store them.


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