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What are the different types and risks of malware?

What are the different types and risks of malware

Cyber threats are not new and but they are evolving at an incredible rate. We will address what are the different types and risks of malware?

Organizations are now faced with the constant attack of viruses, malware, worms, Trojans, ransomware and an endless amount of online threats.  If you have an IT department or IT consultant at your fingertips, they should be proactively managing these threats however do you know the difference between all of them?

It is important to have an understanding of the most common cyber threats and how your business can protect themselves from them.

What is malware?

Malware is a general term that includes cyber threats including spyware, viruses, worms, Trojans, adware, and ransomware. The main goal of malware is to infect and steal your data.

Organizations are always trying to address the following:

  1. How does malware differ from one another?
  2. How can I protect my business from malware?

What are the different types of malware?

Type 1: Virus – A virus infects software and spreads from file to file on a system. If a system is infected and files are shared between computers, the virus will spread to the new host.

Virus Protection – There are many ways to protect your business from viruses.

  • Have a reliable up-to-date antivirus program that is centrally controlled and reporting.
  • Block any executable files that are received via email or downloadable. When in doubt, ask your IT department or tech support services for assistance.
  • Do not give your corporate users full access to all corporate workstations as it can spread instantaneously if they get a virus.

Type 2: Spyware – Spyware is used to track internet activities and steal your information quietly. Usually cyber criminals are after credit card numbers, passwords and other information that can be used for identity fraud. Spyware is known to cause system slowdown or unresponsiveness.

Spyware Protection – Very important, not all antivirus software automatically protect you from Spyware.

  • Check to make sure your antivirus software prevents spyware. Contact vendor for verification.
  • If you are looking to clean spyware, Malwarebytes is a great tool. Most managed IT services providers include and centrally control antivirus suites and spyware tools as part of their monthly service plans.

Type 3: Worms – Worms are similar to viruses however they replicate themselves and spread. The big difference between a worm and a virus is that a worm does not require human intervention or a hosted program to spread. They are successful at easily self-replicating and spreading across networks.

Worms Protection – There are many ways to protect your business from worms like viruses.

  • Follow the same steps as “Virus Protection” listed above.
  • You should block ensure your firewall is activated and working properly with a security services suite.

Type 4 Trojan – Trojan threats is malware that is disguised as a safe program to fool users. If fooled. They will install it on their systems. Cyber criminals use a Trojan threat to steal valuable information including financial and personal information by creating a secret “backdoor” to your network. This is done very quietly.

Worms Protection – There are many ways to protect from Trojan threats.

  • Follow the same steps as “Virus Protection” listed above.
  • Train your users to not open up suspicious attachments, downloading programs or applications.

If you are ever in doubt, always ask you IT department or IT support services provider prior to downloading or opening anything questionable. All organizations should ensure they are safe from malware before it causes trouble. Evaluate your existing network security system and ensure everything is secure prior to being faced with lost productivity, downtime or loss of data.

It is extremely important you address what are the different types and risks of malware to your business.

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