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You Have a Weak Password

IT professionals know it, Security experts know it and even hackers know it.  Your weak password are the weakest link in any IT infrastructure.

In a recent study, there have been some interesting numbers regarding weak passwords.  Over 40% of the population have had their passwords stolen at some point using multiple methods such as keylogging software.   Over 90% percent of passwords are vulnerable to hacking due to weakness.  Approximately 54% believe in the security of IT systems that rely on passwords alone.

The study also showed some places that people store their passwords including writing them on the keyboard in permanent marker or using a sticky note.

So how do you address a weak password?

There are multiple secure alternatives out there including password managers that can create long complex credentials.  Many new systems also include stuff as biometrics including fingerprint and facial recognition.  Try to keep it at least eight characters long and it does not contain your user name, real name, or company name.  Also, try not to use a complete word and do not repeat a password. Finally, ensure it contains characters, number and different case for characters.

LastPass is a good password manager and offers a wealth of multifactor authentication options. It is also an Editors’ Choice from but there are multiple other highly recommended software suites.

Remember, your weak password will put you and your business at risk.


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