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Want to use your electronic devices in flight? WestJet and Air Canada allow it now.

As you may have now noticed in the news, Transport Canada recently changed the rules regarding electronic device use on planes. Air Canada and WestJet responded quickly by allowing travellers to use electronic devices on flights.

So do you want to use your electronic devices in flight?

As long as your device is in non-transmitting mode or flight mode, WestJet Airlines will allow passengers to use their portable electronic devices during all phases of flights, from takeoff to landing and everything in between.  Air Canada immediately implemented changes as the regulation changed. Cellphones are considered electronic devices but once the aircraft is in motion, passengers will not be able to make cellular phone calls or send and receive wireless signals.

The previous regulation stated that passengers were only allowed to use these gadgets during what is called noncritical phases of flight such as the cruising, taxi-in and landing.  This change come now matches rules existing elsewhere including the United States and Europe which both relaxed their rules last year.

A special U.S. review panel determined most commercial airplanes can tolerate radio interference signals from portable electronic devices.


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