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Vulnerability Network Assessment and Your Business IT Security

Vulnerability Network Assessment and Your Business IT Security

As hackers and security breaches continue, companies continue to lose information. A vulnerability network assessment and your business IT security are closely tied together for success or failure.

A vulnerability network assessment performs an important role for your business IT security.  It is a process that will identify and quantify the security vulnerabilities within your software, hardware, and network. There is more specific vulnerability network assessment that will evaluate web applications and source code.

Unfortunately, too many companies spend their time in a reactive manner covering IT security weaknesses using band-aid solutions instead of proactive measures.  A vulnerability network assessment will assess your security and determine the severity of their vulnerabilities. From this information, your IT department or IT consultants will be able to create a proactive plan that will help reduce your exposure and risk.

How do you get a vulnerability network assessment for your company?

  1. Select the right IT security partner who has proven experience.
  2. Check references to ensure they can deliver what they promise.
  3. Ensure their report with identify known security exposures before attackers find them.
  4. Create an inventory of all the devices on the network as well as vulnerabilities associated with them.
  5. Prioritize and define the level of risk that exists on the network.

What does your company do after a vulnerability network assessment?

This will vary based on your company, however, there are three options. First is to have your internal IT department handle all issues identified in the vulnerability network assessment. Second is to hire a third-party IT consultant to handle all issues. The final is to have managed IT services provider engage and work with your entire organization as handling the vulnerability network assessment.

It is important that the information is translated properly as some vulnerabilities will require a simple patch and some will require a more in-depth approach.

What will a vulnerability network assessment reveal about your company?

Our complimentary network and security assessment can put your IT infrastructure and business to the test.

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