Top Employee Productivity Killers Released in Survey

Top Employee Productivity Killers Released in Survey

Ever wonder what are the top employee productivity killers?  A recently released survey has shown the top 10 employee productivity killers.

The national survey was released by CareerBuilder and it included a representative sample of 2,175 hiring and human resource managers across industries and company sizes.  Some think it maybe distractions such as email, social media, or the personal problems of employees but the survey revealed some real issues of what the distractions are in the work environment.

  1. 52% – Cellphones, smart devices & texting
  2. 44% – Internet browsing
  3. 37% – Office Gossip
  4. 36% – Social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  5. 31% – Email management
  6. 27% – Coworkers chatting in the office
  7. 26% – Meetings
  8. 27% – Snack and cigarette breaks
  9. 17% – Loud coworkers
  10. 10% – Sitting in a cubicle


Why are these Employee Productivity Killers important?

Unfortunately these distractions may cause some issues for organizations. This may result in lower quality of work, dissatisfied employees who have to pick up the slack of lower performers, missed or delayed deadlines, loss of productivity and loss profitability.


So how do you prevent these Employee Productivity Killers?

There are many ways to handle some of the issues above but most would be best handled by a human resources professional so they may increase employee productivity.

On a technical side, your managed IT services provider or tech support services department can help. While smart devices are everywhere, many companies give employees access to their wireless network. Not only can this be a security threat but it also gives the employees unlimited internet.

Internet browsing can be proactively managed by installing commercial firewalls and contact management systems to limit what is available to users.  You can also create groups that can allow executives full access while reducing access for others.

Email tends to be over whelming if you do not have the right corporate email management and spam protection. If employees are spending time trying to filter through junk and spam, have your IT department or IT technical support firm review your current infrastructure and secure it from the endless amounts of spam.


Is your technology helping your employees be more productive?

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