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Top 5 Unnoticed Network Security Risks to Your Business


Cyber threats are increasing at am alarming rate and becoming increasingly sophisticated. Here are the top 5 unnoticed network security risks to your business and how to protect yourself.

As technology continues to grow and expand, a new security threat seems to accompany it.  Here are the top 5 unnoticed network security risks to your business you may be overlooking and what you can do to ensure your IT security is protecting you from them.

Network Security Risk 1 – External media and USB 

External Media and USB drives can pose a large security risk to your organization’s IT infrastructure network. To mitigate these network security threats, you need to address a few items.

  • Ensure you are using business-class anti-virus software and it is installed and configured properly.
  • Ensure your employees understand the risks associated with these devices and take responsibility.
  • Ensure you block access to USB ports for data transfers unless 100% necessary.

Network Security Risk 2 – Insufficient IT policies

Companies should have IT policies in place to address your organization’s email and Internet access. This can cause a danger to the security of the organization’s data.  You need to develop a proper company IT policy including internet usage to address these concerns. This should also be proactively monitored to ensure compliance.

Network Security Risk 3 Wireless Access Points

This can be a serious threat to your network, however, controlling it does not have to be hard.

  • Install business-class wireless access points from a trusted manufacturer.
  • Ensure your wireless passkey is not public information.
  • All devices should use a passkey as well MAC address to connect to organization wireless.
  • If needed create a separate guest WIFI network with a password with no access to your core network.

Network Security Risk 4 – Former disgruntled employees 

A former disgruntled employee can be a serious security risk to your company, your data, and your reputation. Organizations need to ensure that their internet usage policy clearly defines the scope of confidential company information and the legal ramifications for employees who wilfully destroy or distribute unauthorized information.  IT departments or managed services provider can monitor and audit to track access, modification, and distribution of company information by individuals.

Network Security Risk 5 BYOD, Smartphones, and tablets 

With Internet of things (IOT), BYOD, smartphones, and tablets in the market, a lost or stolen device can pose a serious security risk. You need to ensure that each device connects to your company network is configured with minimum access to company information and maximum IT security controls. Access to network resources can always be increased if requested by the employee, but a conservative approach would minimize risk and exposure. 

365 iT SOLUTIONS approaches to network security as a complete picture. Unfortunately, network security is often viewed as an external threat and internal threats are ignored.

The key to success is to constantly proactively evaluate your current IT security measures and fine tuning.  by testing their efficacy.

Let our complimentary network and security assessment will put your company to the test as well as address these top 5 unnoticed network security risks to your business.

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