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Technology Used by Companies to Manage Success


Many new companies experience growth and success quickly these days if they embrace technology with proper planning and implementation.

Technology is used in every aspect of business from growing the company, sales, marketing and hiring.  This is all good news however with success come challenges.  As companies grow, they have to deal with an increase in the number of employees, clients and suppliers which can put strain on your IT infrastructure.

Small companies and start-ups face many challenges including lack of internal skills and small budgets.  Many small businesses have no IT support however this causes a lot of issues for the company as well as loss in productivity and uptime.  These organizations need to understand potential issues that could arise when not managing technology properly by using a strategic assessment and gap analysis.

How do I evaluate your current IT infrastructure?

It is very important to understand that networks are layered.  First there is the access layer includes the connection to your Internet Service Provider, name resolution and access to the internet if running a Web or application server as part of your business.  As your company grows and experiences success, your system will experience more users and traffic which in turn put stress on your IT infrastructure.  When companies experience growth, many different things could go wrong with your IT infrastructure and the key is finding those problems early and addressing them quickly.

How do I protect my company from IT infrastructure Failures?

Technology is no different than any other business service.  Time is crucial and you need to respond quickly to tech support issues.  Your IT support services or internal IT need to detect patterns in your IT infrastructure quickly so they can stop the issues from occurring in the future.

Proactive IT management by using remote monitoring and management (RMM) and professional services automation (PSA) can prevent problems before they happen.  Managed IT Services providers uses networking monitoring tools to proactively manage client networks.  This gives companies the advantage to find and fix a tech support issue before your users notice.

Should I use a managed IT services provider or IT consultants to manage my IT infrastructure?

Many successful small and midsize business (SMB) are turning to many different IT consulting and tech support companies such as managed IT services providers, IT support services provider and cloud providers for a simple reason.  Company founders and upper management have other things to do and they want to focus on their core business, not on their IT infrastructure.

These proactive IT consultants build “win-win” solutions for clients using industry leading remote monitoring and management (RMM) and professional services automation (PSA) tools.  These business partners supply services based on your company uptime, not down time.

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