Technology is Making Cybersecurity Fail

Technology is making cybersecurity fail

As organizations look to improve their cybersecurity measures from hackers, technology is making cybersecurity fail and creating a large problem.

According to recent security research, the cybersecurity industry is offering product and services that may be ineffective in the continued fight against cybersecurity and reducing cyber security crime.

In the survey, they interviewed over 100 technology professionals including cybersecurity leaders from many different industries including enterprises, manufacturers, vendors, government agencies, industry associations and regulators.

Here are some key points on the information from the report:

  • Approximately 90 percent ants reported that cybersecurity technology is not as effective to protect from cyber risk.
  • Many respondents do not have trust in technology being delivered to protect their organization.
  • Organizations did not have a common definition when evaluating cybersecurity technology performance.
  • Over 92 percent of participants reported no partnership in the market with cybersecurity vendors.
  • Very low number use an independent cybersecurity assessment partner and conduct all IT security assessments internally.
  • Approximately 70 percent of respondents feel that, and independent cybersecurity assessment of technology would help solve their IT security issue and define what cybersecurity technology is required.

Is technology is making cybersecurity fail? Yes, but there is a catch.

In no way does this mean your organization does not need cybersecurity measures such as next-gen firewalls, next-gen antivirus with built-in AI, security appliances and services.

Organizations need to evaluate and plan accordingly to ensure they have the best chance at reducing their cybersecurity exposure.  Employees are the key factor to protecting your infrastructure.

Some organizations may see people as the largest security vulnerability however with the right cybersecurity training, they can be more effective to protect your business from hackers.

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