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How does IT support services cut your monthly budget

How does IT support services cut your monthly budget

Tight timelines and budgets are constantly pushing companies to do better. Find out how does IT support services cut your monthly budget.

Most industries are fast-paced and technology is taking over all aspects of business regardless of size or industry.   This has pushed companies for increased IT support services as there are many areas to cover.  All organizations have experienced frustration when it comes to the ever-growing complexity of IT support issues.

Technology is now running all businesses and has become critical to the functionality of any business no matter how small or how limited their financial resources.  Most business management has the challenge of finding a balance between managing monthly costs and ensuring reliable IT support strategies for productivity and uptime.

Outsourcing IT management is becoming an increasingly popular option for small business who are looking to get on top of technological challenges without neglecting the core objectives of their operational focus. By delegating IT tasks to an external management service, business owners, along with their teams, are able to prioritize business-centered objectives like expansion, customer allocation & retention, recruitment, marketing, and sales.

Many companies are now accessing outsourced IT services, IT support services or managed IT services to better manage their IT infrastructure.  According to a recent study, at least 40% of small businesses have moved to an external IT support services management firm.

Outsourced IT services, IT support services and managed IT services are usually delivered by a managed service provider (MSP) as they are valuable at the ability to create, protect and sustain functional IT infrastructure networks.  By using enterprise class tools such as PSA (professional services automation) and RMM (remote monitoring and management), they have the ability to proactively access, monitor, track, troubleshoot, perform maintenance and continually update your network.

A managed service provider (MSP) has the knowledge and skill to keep your network running as efficiently as possible. This will maximize uptime, security, and productivity. They can help reduce IT support issues and prevent disasters.

By outsourcing to a managed service provider (MSP), you get access to stable monthly IT budgets.  Outsourcing IT management is good for business as you now have around the clock coverage that is delivering a secure and proactively maintained network. This allows your business and employees to focus on what matters most.

According to CompTIA, they conducted a survey taken of 400 businesses that have recently started to use a managed service provider (MSP) within the past year. The results indicate 96% of respondents agree that their managed service provider (MSP) saved them a substantial amount of money annually.

  • 184 respondents indicated a reduced cost of 25% or more
  • 58 of the respondents above indicated reduced costs by over 50%

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