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Statistics Canada provides Security Practices, Incidents and Effects

According to Statistics Canada, many companies use multiple tools to protect their data from unwanted access or attack.  Just over 76% of enterprises used anti-virus or anti-spyware software, 62% used a firewall, and 53% used a spam filter to block unwanted email.


Just under 49% of small businesses did regular backup of data critical to their business operations compared with 89% of large enterprises.  Only 6% of enterprises experienced an Internet security breach. The most commonly cited effects of a breach were service downtime (51%) and loss of productivity (43%).  Among large enterprises, 14% reported an Internet security breach


Website Functionality Increases


Approximately 46% of enterprises had a website however they were virtually unchanged from 2012.  Only 91% of larger enterprises had a website.  Almost 19% enterprises with a website had it optimized for mobile users.  A mobile-optimized website may take advantage of features such as touch interaction that may not be available on a traditional desktop and is formatted to be viewed on a smart device.


38% of enterprises with a website had social media integration and the use of social media to direct traffic to an enterprise’s website was the most commonly cited strategy.  Enterprises also used print advertising and paid search to direct people to their websites.


Internet Use and Connection Type


Over 89% of enterprises reported that they had used the Internet.  Small enterprises were the least likely to use the Internet. The most commonly cited reason for not using the Internet was that there was no need to do so for their business.


Mobile wireless technology was used by 38% of enterprises in 2013, compared with 35% in 2012. The use of a cable modem to connect to the Internet remained the most commonly cited method at 42%. Dial-up Internet was still employed by 3% of enterprises, although this may be used as a secondary connection.


All information on this article available based on 2013 Statistics Canada website.


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