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Small Businesses have flawed IT Security Policies

This is not surprising however many small businesses have flawed IT security policies.  The most dangerous part of this is that many businesses think they are small enough to avoid all the threats out there.  According to McAfee, they estimate that the likely annual cost to the global economy from cybercrime is more than $400 billion per year.

Here is a list on the most common flaws in small businesses IT security policies:


Your ISP provides you with a router to access their network however many business are adding a little router that is offering you no protection for your business.  Business class firewalls offer Unified Threat Management that is your first line of defence and protects you from the malware and phishing attacks.


There are many free antivirus software suites out there however they are scaled-down versions offering limited protection. Antivirus software part of your business layered security approach and it is very important as an out of date one or misconfigured antivirus can be a big IT security threat.

Unsecure Email

POP email is a legacy product now considering there are many cloud solutions.  Out of date email systems transmit passwords in such a way that it can easily be intercepted. The unfortunate part is that many companies use the same password for their pop email as their network. This is a big IT security concern.


Mobile Device Security Vulnerabilities are big in the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) environment.  There is a lack of security on mobile devices and laptops that puts your information at risk.  Many people do not even use something as simple as a screen lock to protect their mobile devices.  Companies should carry strict security policies when it comes to their Mobile Device security of they risk exposing their email and documents.

Wireless Networks

This may be one of the simplest ways to protect your network however there are still companies out there with open, unsecure wireless connectivity.  Unsecured wireless networks are a problem however some companies do secure it however the use very simple passwords which is a huge IT security concern.  You should always use complex password mixing letters, number, characters and symbols when possible.  You can also use two stage authentication using a secure password and MAC address.

How does a small business address these common flaws in IT security policies?

It is important to remember that criminals take the path of least resistance.  Large companies have complex networks with heavy investments towards security to protect themselves.   The good news is that small businesses do not need large budgets to eliminate these flaws in IT security policies, they simply require proper planning and the right advice to make the right decision following industry best practices.

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