Most Small Businesses Fail to Manage Their IT Security

Most Small businesses fail to manage their IT security

A recent study from a next-generation endpoint security and threat intelligence service has shown that most small business fail to manage their IT security and it is going to cost them big time.

You may think your business is small and not on the radar for cyber criminals however you are wrong and it may cost you and your business big time. The recent study shows that small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) lack the resources they need to protect themselves against malware attack and other online threats.

Most Small businesses fail to manage their IT security and here are some alarming stats:

  • Only 37 per cent believe they are completely ready to manage their IT security risk and exposure
  • 1 in 3 companies struggle with IT security as they have other duties including management and planning. This typically leaves companies on the defensive instead of proactively managing their risk and exposure.
  • 60 per cent of expect their business is more prone to cyberattacks as they have little resources
  • 48 per cent think their company is vulnerable to insider threats from employees
  • 45 per cent are not prepared for unsecured internal and external networks
  • 40 per cent for have unsecured endpoints, such as laptops, computers and smart mobile devices

Most small businesses fail to manage their IT security and this is what you should consider:

  • There is a lack of confidence in your IT infrastructure and limited internal IT resources.
  • You rely on outdated technology including non managed manage antivirus tools.
  • You have no active firewall with active security services such as Gateway Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Intrusion Prevention and Application Intelligence and Control Service subscription and Content Filtering Service subscription

The good news is that most companies are trying to increase their annual IT budgets to cover more comprehensive IT management and open to other security strategies for improvement as the risk is becoming a reality for many companies.  Many are turning to outsourcing IT solutions to help their limited internal IT department including their IT security management as they would get access to enterprise class tools and a team approach. Another approach has been to engage a managed service provider (MSP) as a long term partner. You need to ensure that they deliver the right IT solution tailored for your business and long term business goals.

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Most Small businesses fail to manage their IT security but you don’t have to follow.

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