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Slow Computers Cost You Money and Productivity

Slow computers are everywhere however have you ever wondered what the true cost of slow workstations and laptops are to your organization.

In a released survey, it is estimated at that each employee loses 5 days per year (2.00%) due to slow computers. In order to give you an idea, here is a simple break down of how it can affect a typical organization with some aging workstations and laptops:

Employee Average Salary                   $62,400

Average Hourly Labor Rate                $30/Hour

(40 hours x 52 Weeks)

% Time Wasted to Slow Computer    2.00%

Annual Cost of Time Waste                  $1,248 per employee

Run the math, it is that simple. If your employees are losing 2% simply due to a computer, how much is the entire company losing when you have 10 employees? What about larger organizations? You have to consider what is the amount of production time your employee could be spending doing valuable work rather than wasting their time waiting for a slow computer.

This is where companies have to evaluate if a new computer of $1,000 would be a good investment to increase productivity and profitability plus the company would be saving money.


How much time is your company wasting due to old workstations and other technology?

Slow Computers Cost You Money and Productivity
Slow Computers Cost You Money and Productivity

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