Should your company upgrade to Windows 10?

Should your company upgrade to Windows 10

As you are aware Windows 10 is here however is time for your company to upgrade to Windows 10? Find out what is new and how it can help your employees be more productive.

Let’s face it, Windows 8 was a big flop so majority of companies are still running Windows 7.  If you are running Windows XP, you need check out our article “Still using Windows XP? Here are the risks.

Windows 10 Performance

Tech support services professional are extremely excited to see improvements on performance with Windows 10 compared to Windows 8.  Some performance upgrade include faster boot-up time and better hardware acceleration which allows for quicker navigation throughout the operating system. You can also look forward to better power management so mobile device battery life tends to be longer.

Windows 10 Design

Ask any IT support services professional and Windows 8 was a complete departure from Windows 7 resulting in a lot of lost employee productivity due to bad design. Windows 10 is close to Windows 7 so the user confusion will be minimal.  Microsoft has continued with bold styling but there are features such as the Control Panel and Computer Management interfaces using old recognized icons.

Windows 10 File Management

Yes, some real file management. Being a managed IT services provider, we welcome this upgrade as tools used for finding and managing files are some of the most used and a primary fundamental principal to a good operating system. In previous operating systems, it was not bad but needed work. Windows 10 does not offer the most advanced function however there are many features that make file management easy.  There is a new share ribbon which makes it much easier to move files between different apps such as Outlook, Word, OneDrive, Dropbox or Skype. File Explorer has an improved file copying interface which results in copying and moving grouped into one window for easier file management. This one is excellent, file transfer speed is shown in real time and can also be paused.

Welcome Storage Spaces feature! This allows you to group multiple hard drives together to form a single logical drive. Not revolutionary however it is useful as it supports multiple levels of drive redundancy resulting in the data backups and disaster recovery options. Unfortunately, unlike a RAID system, it is not hot-swappable.

Windows 10 Virtual Desktop

Not new but Windows 10 has enhanced this feature. Now you can have different monitors with different backgrounds and different slideshows if needed for all the sales and marketing professionals out there. Want to span pictures across all your monitors? That can be done also. The biggest feature addition is the virtual desktop support. Windows 7 had support for virtual desktops via third-party software whereas Windows 10 has it builtin.

Is your company ready for Windows 10?

Windows 7 is still a good supported operating system for businesses however companies should plan on upgrading to Windows 10 as it has a lot of useful new features as well as key improvements to old features from Windows 7.

What is your company Windows 10 upgrade plan and will it work?

Slow Computers Cost You Money and Productivity
Slow Computers Cost You Money and Productivity

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