Sharing is Caring according to New Ransomware Popcorn Time

In the latest twist of security threats, sharing is caring according to new ransomware Popcorn Time as you must send a referral link to unlock or pay up.

Industry leading IT security researchers have uncovered the new ransomware Popcorn Time.  The new ransomware Popcorn Time infects victim’s systems and you have to two options which include pay up or you can send referral links.  If you do decide to send the referral link to two ransomware targets, they have to pay the ransom in order for the original ransomware target to receive a free key to unlock their encrypted files.

According to industry IT security experts in malware ransomware, all victims of the new ransomware Popcorn Time are given a week to pay the ransom or find new victims.  Based on some screenshots, the developer of the new ransomware Popcorn Time claim to be a group of computer science students from Syria and the proceeds will go to food, medicine and shelter of Syrians impacted by war.


The new ransomware Popcorn Time will display a lock screen.  The source code of the ransomware shows a function that suggests if you enter the wrong code four times, the will delete files.  The code for Popcorn Time ransomware is still under development so there are still many unclear issues with it.

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