Security Tips for Employees Working from Home

Security Tips for Employees Working from Home

Security tips for employees working from home is nothing new however we have recently seen a huge increase based on the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic.

With the ever-changing progression in technology, working remotely has grown in popularity for many organizations as it gives them greater flexibility as well as allow organizations to attract better talent.

A recent study found that over 70 percent of global employees work remotely at least once per week prior to the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic.   Due to the recent lock down or isolation from the coronavirus pandemic , a large number of employees were forced to work from home and to many this is an unfamiliar territory.

365 iT SOLUTIONS have put together some security tips for employees working from home.

Security Tip 1 – Working from Home Physical Security

For employees working from home, you must ensure your work devices are physically safe.  This will avoid employees offering unauthorized access to confidential information.

  1. If you leave your home, you need to ensure your work devices are either shut down or locked.
  2. If you live with a roommate or young children, be sure to lock your computer even when you step away for just a bit.
  3. If you do not have a separate workspace in your home, be sure to collect your devices at the end of your workday and store them someplace out of sight.

Security Tip 2 – Working from Home System Access

Every employee must think of ways to protect against unauthorized access from their computer. Here are a few steps to help.

  • Computer access should always be protected with a password.  If a computer system is stolen, this will keep the thief from easily accessing company information.
  • Some networks have easy access to work software but now you may be required to enter a variety of passwords to gain access externally.  If your workplace doesn’t already offer a single sign-on service, consider using a password manager.
  • Encryption is a vital component to help protect information on stolen or compromised computers.  Data encryption should be active on your work computer.  If you are not sure, ask your IT department or managed IT services provider on whether you have it.
  • If you are connecting your work computer to your home network, make sure you do not make it visible to other computers in the network. Make sure the option to share files is off.

Security Tip 3 – Separate work and personal devices

When working from home, it is important that you create boundaries to separate work from home.   Many do not like it, but it is best you separate between the devices if your concerned about your personal information.  Properly managed networks will not allow you to install apps without permission but if they do, the more programs and software you install, the more potential cyber vulnerabilities you introduce to the network.

  1. You should not use your work computer to pay personal bills.  There is a major chance that you can create confusion as well as compromise your personal information when cybercriminals are looking to breach an organization.
  2. You should not send work-related emails from your private email address.  This does not look professional.
  3. Speaking of homeschooling, it’s especially important to keep your child’s digital curriculum separate from your work device. Both are huge targets for threat actors. Imagine their delight when they find they can not only plunder an organization’s network through an unsecured remote worker, but they can also collect highly valuable PII on young students, which garners a big pay day on the dark web.

Cybersecurity best practices

You should practice the same security policies and procedures in your home as you do in your office.

Be wary of phishing emails. There are cyber criminals trying to use coronavirus to issue questions about isolation and its psychological impacts.  Some are also offering advice or health information. Scan those emails and do not open attachments unless they are from a trusted source.


The COVID-19 coronavirus has been a large adjustment for many people and organizations.  Many have felt a mixed bag of feelings including irritation, uncomfortable, unmotivated, or just plain exhausted.

When working from home, always ask employees to find a comfortable they can have a healthy posture, minimize the distraction from others, and where their presence has the least impact on them.

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