How Do You Secure Your Small Business?

How do you secure your small business to ensure everything is protected?  What happens if your business is affected by hackers, malware or other serious threats? Is your IT infrastructure up to date and protected? Do you have the internal resources to properly protect your business?

These are serious concerns that many business owners must consider and address in order to protect their business.

  1. Security Threats – Small businesses are exposed to greater risk from hackers, malware, cryptolocker and other security threats. The media has been flooded with ransomware threats, data breaches and many other attacks from cyber criminals.  Small businesses have a higher security risk because enterprises have more resources to protect their IT infrastructure environment.  Small businesses without managed IT services providers have less protection and resources to help their business recover from a security threat and risk breach, for an SB, an attack can mean the difference between success and failure.
  2. Security Updates – Technology is simple. Companies spend millions of dollars to develop and support their software for the entire life cycle. Many businesses have experienced downtime due to software and system updates that were offered however not installed.  Cyber criminals and attackers often wreak havoc on networks until companies install these patches and updates.  Without a proactive approach to managing your network, hackers will find the opportunity to access your company and make your business the next victim resulting in loss of critical information, productivity, and money.  Managed IT services providers use a proactive approach to manage their networks and stay ahead of all security threats resulting in company uptime.
  3. Protection – Many small business are limited when it comes to resources. Small businesses are budget resource and budget conscious however this does not have to mean forgoing necessary protections.  By using the right IT consulting partner such as a managed IT service provider, companies can easily implement new technology such as tech support services, cloud services and disaster recovery.  This gives small companies a competitive edge and brings enterprise class technology at their fingertips.  Now small businesses have proactive IT security combined with proactive IT support services and IT management.

Small business need to evaluate their current infrastructure including security and disaster recovery.  Businesses need to focus on running their businesses, not on running their IT infrastructure.  An effective IT management plan uses managed IT services in a proactive manner to maintain employee uptime and productivity.

IT management is important however cost is a problem for many businesses.  By partnering with a managed IT services provider, you are proactively managing your network against threats without impacting daily business functions.

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