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Russian Approves Law – Store Data within Russia or Face Ban

Attention Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter and all other internet companies operating within Russia.  Russia has put forward a new amendment.  Large tech giants like Facebook, Google, and Twitter may face a ban from the country unless they comply with new potentially privacy concerning invading regulations.

Russia’s new amendment is called Information, Information Technologies and Protection of Information. Russia’s existing anti-terrorism laws require all communications concerning a Russian citizen to be physically stored within the country for potential use by Russian intelligence.  Currently Russia can’t legally access any data from foreign companies without submitting a legal request however this amendment will bypass those regulations.

According to the amendment, if all internet companies including Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Twitter do not physically store user data within Russia, they could face being banned from the country entirely.  This would mean that services from these internet companies would cease to operate within Russia.

Now let’s not blame Russia as they are not the first to do this.  Recently Turkey ban Twitter and Iraq is blocking all social networks.  Also a data retention law for the European Union was turned down by the European Court of Justice.

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