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Results in Cyber Security Breaches across Canada

Results In Cyber Security Breaches Across Canada

Recent results in cyber security breaches across Canada have shown that according to a time-lapse of cyber security data breaches, there are four key categories.

According to a recent data breach study by Ponemon Institute, the numbers are alarming and should be a fair warning to organizations looking to improve their cyber security policies and procedures.

The results in cyber security breaches across Canada resulted in the following alarming statistics:

  • The number of records lost or stolen has climbed by 2.2% in 2019
  • The mean time to identify and contain rose to record highs
  • The average cost savings generated from working with an Incident Response (IR) team were as high as $14 per compromised record
  • Canada ranks second for highest average per capita costs at $202 per record
  • Canada averaged 22,275 records that have been compromised in a single breach
  • Canada experienced 6,295,443 breached records

With these alarming cyber security breaches giving us the statistics listed above, it has become clear that data breaches are a growing concern in Canada.  The numbers have increased also due to companies mandatory reporting data breaches under the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada.

Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) now requires that organizations alert their customers any time there is a risk of significant harm to an individual.

Even thou cyber security attacks are growing in cost, size, and impact, there is an increased awareness towards cybersecurity.

As the Cyber Security Training and Dark Web Monitoring continues, 365 iT SOLUTIONS actively performs simulated cyber security and phishing attacks on employees to test their skills.

Why should you offer cyber security training to employees?

If employees do not how to recognize a cyber security threat, they will mostly likely fall victim to it. A recent survey found that email security and employee training were listed as the top problems faced by organizations.

Your employees need Cyber Security Training and Dark Web Monitoring to protect your organization as well as themselves from constant cyber-attacks. By making employees aware of cyber security threats, you are strengthening your most vulnerable link.

Our complimentary network and security assessment can put your IT infrastructure and business to the test.

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