Remove Personal Data from Your Old Computers

So you purchased a new system, congrats!  The problem is that it creates a new challenge.  What do you do with your old PC and how do you remove your personal data?

The challenge is how you remove 100% of personal data.  Unfortunately, deleting your files, folders and emptying the recycle bin does not eliminate the data.  This just hides your files from the operating system until they’re overwritten.

So how do you remove personal data?

Simple, follow these four steps and your will completely erase everything on your old computer.

  1. Backup

You need to backup all files, folders and other data you want saved from your computer to an external hard drive or online backup service.  This will make transferring to your new system simple.

  1. Trade-in Program

Companies that offer trade-in programs will help remove personal data.  They will ensure that your old computer is wiped 100%.  Before selecting a company, verify that the company is reliable and trustworthy before allowing them to remove personal data from your old system.

  1. Re-install Windows

The easiest way to remove personal data is to re-install Microsoft Windows.  This will not only remove personal data, it will be removing all personal files, apps and any information you have stored.

  1. Third Party Programs

By following the steps above, this will ensure that you have removed personal data from your old computer.  If you would like to go the extra step, you can always use a third party program such as McAfee Shredder.    The tool will permanently delete and overwrite items you no longer need to ensure the information can’t be recovered.


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