How Do You Recover from a Server Crash?


A server crash is very inconvenient, will cause business disruptions and cost your business money but it is not the end. How do you recover from a server crash? Simple.

If your company is using industry best practices and proper proactive IT management and monitoring, you should not be facing this issue however things happen.  It is possible to recover quickly from a server crash but you will need to plan it out properly in order to reduce downtime. Here is a breakdown of how IT consulting experts in the Toronto area recover from a server crash.

Access your Image-based Backups

Is possible, this takes time and money but it is the best option to getting your back up and running. Image-based backups are known as a backup process that creates a copy of the entire operating system (OS) including all data associated with it including the system state, configuration, and application configurations. The image-based backup is saved as a single file that is called an image.

Access Your Data Backups

If you do not have an image-based backup, you will need to perform the following two steps.

STEP 1 – You need to consistently backup your data daily. You need to backup data locally as well as offsite (cloud data backup) as part of your disaster recovery plan. Your data backups need to have all information that is essential to your company.

Step 2- A new server or factory-reset server will require re-installation from recovery media as well as all your specifications, software, and settings.

If you want to avoid on how to recover from a Server Crash? Here are some tips.

Proactive Server Management – By proactively managing your server, you will be able to see upcoming issues and budget for them. Not only does this reduce downtime and increase profitability, it also gives you reassurance.

Prevention Server Monitoring – By proactively monitoring, this will allow you to deal with potential server crashes and other issues. The server monitoring will alert you or your IT support services team to any issue therefore giving you time to stop the failure before the server crashes.

How Do You Recover from a Server Crash? Pretty simple but it can easily be avoided with proactive server management and monitoring. The proactive approach will always win when playing a long term game.

Is your server healthy or do you have a pending server crash coming?

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