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Ransomware Victims Are Hit More Than Once

Ransomware Victims Are Hit More Than Once

Cyber threats are nothing new however a recent study has shown that ransomware victims are hit more than once due to exposed IT infrastructure and poor security policies.

How profitable is cyber-attacks? According to a recent study from Google, ransomware victims have paid more than $25 million in ransoms over the last two years.

Security experts recommend that you do not pay cyber criminals as it may make you a target for a future cyber attack.

The study has revealed some other interesting numbers based on a security vendor poll of over 830 IT professionals across the globe.

Here are the stats from the IT security study:

  • 80% believe cyber threats are increasing resulting in victims being hit more than once.
  • 60% of infections have been through unsolicited emails and exploiting employees’ knowledge.
  • 33% of cyber attacks have struck corporate servers.
  • 7% of cyber attacks have targeted cloud apps.
  • Speed-to-detection is important due to 70% of cases having multiple devices infected.
  • 40% of IT departments took more than two hours to detect cyber threats.
  • 82% have been able to recover data by restoring from back-up.

The last stat is the best one as long as you are not part of the 18% that failed to recover from Ransomware.

These stats are a clear indication of the importance of an IT security and Disaster Recovery (DR) strategy to ensure maximum protection from ransomware and other cyber threats.

The best practice for all businesses is to have three backup copies on two different media with one back-up offsite in the cloud.

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