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Ransomware Attacks Up and How to Protect Your Network

Ransomware Attacks Up and How to Protect Your Network

Ransomware attacks are up as cyber criminals use malware to encrypt your data for a ransom. You have to know how to protect your network from these threats.

Small or large, all companies face potential security vulnerabilities including unpatched software, old firmware, lack of encryption, antivirus that is outdated or unmanaged and of course, “back doors” that are left open by applications.

As cyber criminals continue their attacks with Ransomware, companies are faced to pay ransom unless they have data backups that have not been corrupted. Unfortunately, the biggest threat is still people. Users are susceptible to cyber attacks such as phishing attacks due to lack of training and opening email attachments without thinking twice.

Everyone hears about Ransomware however it comes in many flavours such as Cryptowall, TeslaCrypt, Locky, Cerber, Troldesh and CTB-Locker. With such a wide variety, all organizations should take proactive steps to protect their data including to educate their employees.

Ransomware attacks are up and what is the challenge for organizations, IT departments and IT consultants?

With all this technology designed to make our life better, every connected device is IP-connected on a network and a potential weak point in your security. Now organizations have to keep an eye on their standard network devices including servers, workstations and laptops but now they have to add smartphones, tablets, VoIP phones, and every other IoT (internet of things) out there.

Ransomware attacks up and how to protect your network?

You need to create an effective IT security strategy to deal with cyber threats including hardware and software. Rule of thumb is “Knowing your weaknesses = knowing what to secure first”.

Find all devices on your network. Use network inventory software that will help automatically discover all devices on your network including specific operating systems and applications. If you are working with an IT support services company that uses remote monitoring and management (RMM) tools such as Labtech software, they can easily pull this information for you.

Inventory all software on your network. You need to verify if there is up-to-date antivirus software as well as discover if there are applications running on your network that might be vulnerable. Ensure all systems are using the latest security patches and eliminate all systems running unsupported operating systems.

Check loose ends within you network. Sounds simple but ensure no servers, switches, routers or firewalls are using default configurations including simple passwords. Create a plan to eliminate end of warranty hardware and this will help avoid a network security disaster.

These three key points provide crucial information and knowledge that will help you make smart decision and get results quickly on protecting your business. Ransomware and cyber security threats are real and growing. All organizations need to take proactive measures to protect themselves such as listed above.


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